The wïsh centre provides a range of training for professionals and frontline workers in the fields of mental health, social care, education, charities and community groups who support young people who self harm and their families.

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Our training packages have been developed over a decade of supporting young people to stop self harming. We train social workers, therapists and counsellors, school staff and multi agency professionals.

Here is what some of the people we have trained recently say

Hatch End High School Self Harm training (half day): 

Very informative and learnt a lot about self harming and how to help.

Excellent, really informative 

Was able to understand the reasons people self harm

Harrow College – Workshop (2 hours)

Very informative, ..(the trainer..)  presented this amazingly, her passion for awareness is so powerful and effective. I hope to see more of what the wïsh centre has to offer.

Training offers include:

Effective Strategies to help Young People Stop Self Harming

Half day /or 1 day with skills practice

A one day intensive for front line workers to develop skills for effectively supporting young people who self harm. The course is a mix of active learning using case studies and scenario’s with skills practice.

Learning outcomes

  • What is self harm? Which young people are more likely to self harm and when and why 
  • Understanding how self harm is used by the young person 
  • Managing your reactions to self harm 
  • Responding to self harm – communication
  • Dealing with disclosures
  • Dumping the lists ! Planning and practising effective Intervention strategies

Managing Risks and Interventions for Young People who self harm

Half day

A workshop for those directly supporting young people who self harm and their managers or service heads.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding when young people are more likely to self harm and why
  • Identifying risk factors and managing these
  • Planning interventions and safeguarding

Guidance for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

1-2 days

An intensive 1 day workshop with follow up to support you in developing your counselling or therapeutic practice with young people who self harm. 

  • Learn more about how you can help young people to understand the way in which their self harm works for them, and begin to gain mastery through tailored interventions. 
  • Actively work through case studies, sharing client issues and practice reflection and skills development
  • Safeguarding and managing risks beyond the therapy room

How to set up and run a self harm peer support group

4 sessions

Self harm peer support groups are an effective and low cost way to help young people. This is an exciting, experiential workshop based training over 4 sessions (16 hours) that will take you through everything you need to set up and run a group.

Sessions 1/2

  • Peer support group model
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Safeguarding and linked support/signposting
  • Setting up the group
  • Forms and requirements
  • Running your first sessions

Sessions 3/4

  • Session’s content and structure
  • Managing group dynamics
  • Tracking improvement journeys
  • Developing facilitation skills
  • Troubleshooting and risk management

Knowing More about the issue of Young People and Self Harm

2 hours

An overview of why young people self harm and how to recognise and respond.

The wïsh centre can also offer tailored training to organisations. Please let us know your needs here.

Schools Assemblies, Workshops and Talks for Young People – let us know what you are interested in here.

Training Costs

Public Training events 1 day £165 per delegate
Half day training £99 per delegate
Training for Counsellors/Psychotherapist 2 days £295 per delegate

For all other workshops and training please use the enquiry form here.