Stay Safe

Sexual violence includes any sexual act without a person’s consent – it can even happen by someone you know well e.g. boyfriend, husband, friend and family member.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you stay safe:

• Don’t leave your drink unattended
• Never get into an unlicensed cab
• If someone pressures you to do something and it feels weird – trust your instincts – don’t go along with it. Tell someone you trust.
• Don’t share personal info (address, phone number and name) with someone in chatrooms/online.
• Think Twice – Don’t send nude or semi-nude photos to anyone online/via your phone – these images could be sent around and seen by friends, family, a future employer or even an offender.
• Use your privacy settings on the internet where you can control who can message you and who can see your personal information.
• Don’t give too much information away on blog e.g. information about where you live.
• Trust your instincts

If you need to talk about any of these issues and would like advice or support here are some useful contact numbers.

In an emergency or danger always call 999

In non-emergency or to report a crime or speak to a police officer call 101

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