Effective : together

The children and young people we support with are incredible. Despite many suffering from domestic or sexual violence and abuse, exploitation and being at risk of serious harm from themselves or others, they will find a resilience and determination to keep going, even if this means self harming as a means of coping.

Children and young people we meet may have undergone trauma and may have been exploited, abused or neglected. Some have suffered physical harm and have mental health issues or are living in poverty or in fear of their safety.

The work of our dedicated team of psychotherapists, outreach and youth workers is vital to ensure that the young people are supported and empowered, and that they not only achieve positive outcomes to overcome the impact of their experiences but also that their voices are heard in terms of shaping the services and help they get from the wïsh centre and others.

We believe that we are all effective together. From working with partners in social care, education, health and the community to improve aspects of support for young people, to improving awareness of issues and skills through training, together we are making a real difference to children’s futures.

The visibility of our impact is seen in “A Space to Talk: An Evaluation of the wïsh centre’s Self harm services to young people” by the Centre for Mental Health 2018, which together with individuals donating to our work and funders and commissioners supporting our activities means that we are able to change the lives of hundred’s of young people every year.

We could not achieve any of this without our valued culture of team work and network of volunteers, peer mentors and ex service users, who together with our talented Trustee Board make up our wider wïsh centre community of support.

Together we will work towards our vision of a society free from self harm, abuse and social injustice where those affected by trauma are empowered through early intervention support.