Why I enjoy being a Trustee

I choose to become a trustee as I had been helped by the wïsh centre and wanted to give back to the charity. Being a trustee has been a great opportunity to learn lots of new skills and have a better understanding of how the charity functions. Part of being a trustee involves understanding safeguarding,… Read more »


Filters- The Ugly Truth.

Research has found that 1/3 of girls and young women will not post selfies online without using a filter or app to change their appearance. A similar proportion have also deleted photos if they didn’t get enough “likes” or comments. The research by Girlguides association also found that 39% of the 1,473 young people aged… Read more »


How we connect with nature at wish

Written by Youth Support & Participation Worker, Annie This years Mental Health Awareness Week theme is Nature. Connecting with nature is a huge part of mental health, mindfulness and healing. Research demonstrated that for victims of trauma, natural settings play a key role in rehabilitation and recovery (Mowatt and Bennett, 2011). It’s also something that… Read more »


Uni Mental Health Day

University students Mental Health in the UK has always been a huge issue, young people are leaving home, often drinking excessively, struggling with the jump in education and being away from close friends and family support. The largest mental health survey ever conducted on UK university students, found that almost 1 in 10 (9.4%) think… Read more »

My Half Term at Wish

During February half term at wish, we launched our new self harm support group for 13-15 year olds. We kicked off the group by running a week of exciting workshops all about creativity and expression. One young person tells us all about the week and her experience: My Half Term at Wish- Rebecca aged 14… Read more »


LGBTQ+ Signposting

Mosaic LGBT+ – Mentoring & Youth Club. SwitchBoard – Online chat & Phone Support for LGBT+. Gendered Intelligence – Trans Youth Groups. LGBT Support – 1:1 & Group Support. BACK


Mental Health Signposting

CAMHS – Local NHS Mental Health Services. Kooth – Free, safe and anonymous Online Counselling. Childline – Online or Telephone Counselling Alumina – 7 Week course for ages 14-19 that Self Harm by Self Harm UK Self Injury – Supportlines & Webchats for Self Harm Support. Calm Harm App – Self Harm Distractions. The Mix… Read more »