Aisha’s Story

Part 1

Aisha, a 15 year old Black British girl, joined the wïsh self harm peer support group in February 2016.

As well as being referred for self harm, Aisha had previously witnessed domestic violence in her home and she was attacked by her father in the past.

After multiple attacks Aisha’s father was charged and was sentenced for 2 years in rehabilitation.

She was then involved in an abusive relationship which involved threats, peer pressure and blackmail.

Aisha would self harm as a way to cope with a high volume of anxiety and felt affected by memories of past experiences.

Part 2

Aisha attended one to one outreach sessions and counselling and was also part of the self harm support group at the wïsh centre.

She has taken part in creative activities, self harm management, peer support, group discussions around safety and relationships, and workshops such as self-defence and volunteering at wïsh community events.

All these experiences have helped Aisha gain confidence. She now speaks openly about her past experiences and is currently taking her GCSE’s and wanting to become a paediatrician.

She has started an anonymous blog creating stories and animation as well as setting up an animation group after school for year 7 and 8 students. Aisha feels that she is able to achieve her goals and is very positive about her future.