Back to “Normality”?

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As young people all over the country head back to school, we reflect on what the new “normal” looks like for us.

At Wish we have been supporting young people through this transition, and will keep on doing so whilst keeping our service COVID-19 safe. Exploring new venues, masks & sanitiser, outdoor distanced sessions, how we can work effectively and safely with schools.

We have worked with key schools to create a safe new digital offer that will give all young people the opportunity to access digital 1:1 therapy regardless of barriers with technology.

At Wish, we value the importance of face to face interaction for the peer support model to work. Whilst the weather has been good we have ran a couple of in person outdoor group sessions with the young people. These have been really great sessions and for many young people it was the first time they’ve met in real life!

We’re hoping to find some COVID-19 safe space for some face to face therapy and peer support before a possible second lockdown.