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Safe to Speak Psychotherapy - Long term psychotherapy for young people ages 12-19 who self harm or have experienced sexual abuse or exploitation
Self Harm Peer Support Group - weekly peer support group for young women and female to male or non-binary transgender ages 13-16 years
Outreach Support - Up to 4 sessions to explore the best options to engage with WISH or other services age 12-18 years (Harrow High Schools)
Positive Changes Youth Group - weekly mixed gender group for young people ages 15-19 with mental health vulnerabilities to develop new skills, friendships and confidence
Safe Step Early intervention arts based psychotherapy for children ages 8-12 years at risk of self harm or sexual exploitation

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Please be aware if the young person is under 14 disclosures may have to be made


Government training
Part-time work
Full-time work
Long term Sick/Disabled
Asylum seeker

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Family Composition


Alone Partner Parents Carers In Care Relatives

Reason For Referral

Self Harm Sexual Exploitation Abuse

Anxiety/Stress Depression/Sadness Emotional Resilience Difficulties Lack of Positive Coping Mechanisms Trauma Suicidal Ideation Sexual Identity Other - Please provide info below

Clinical/Support History

Is the young person/you taking any medication?
Does the young person/you have a clinical diagnosis?
Has the young person/you made any suicide attempts or been hospitalised?
Does the young person/you have a recent history of violence or aggressive behaviour toward others?
Has the young person/you been to A&E for Self Harm in the last 12 months?
If yes, How many times?
Are there any known associated risks e.g. Domestic/Honour-based violence?
Is the young person/you a Class A drug user?
Is the young person/you or family members on a Child in Need plan?
Is the young person/you or family members on a Child Protection plan?
Has the young person/you been a victim of sexual violence/exploitation?

Interventions already completed

GP A & E Housing Social Care Drug & Alcohol Forced Marriage Unit CAMHS Referral Mental Health Team Troubled Families


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