Referral Received

Thank you, your referral has been sent.

Thank you for your referral. This young person will now be placed on our Triage list.

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If they meet our referral criteria / we feel the wïsh centre is the appropriate service for their needs they will then be placed on our waiting list for support.

Until the point that they are regularly engaging with one of our support services, they will not yet be considered an active client and duty of care remains with the referrer or any other organisation currently supporting them.

We meet regularly to look through our Triage and Waiting lists, and will contact you if we require further information.

We contact referrers/ contacts regarding each young person on our lists every 4-6 weeks to clarify whether our support is still required.

Due to the nature of our open ended service we are unable to give an accurate estimate of waiting times but are happy to respond to enquiries of this nature and provide any update that we can.