In My Write Mind

Wish collaborated with partner organisation, Synergy Theatre to run a spoken word project.

The young people worked with an Actress and a Poet for 6 sessions, learning new writing skills and sharing, increasing their confidence in performing.

It was a really fantastic way for the young people to express what’s going on for them, to talk about their trauma in a creative way. Some of the topics they chose to write about included: bullying, friendships, family, romance, difficult home lives, self esteem.

For some young people that struggle with reading and writing, this project was a real challenge for them. But we found different ways of working e.g. speaking the poem rather than writing it down.

At the end of the project, the young people chose their favourite poems to record and a film maker brought them to life. Watch the clip below!

What the young people said:

“Before this, my only experiences of poetry were from school and I never really enjoyed it. This has been so different and it has been amazing. It’s definitely inspired me to do more poetry and I have learnt that I can write some really good pieces when I want to. “

“I’m actually really proud of myself and i’m so proud of all of us, your poems are beautiful!”

“It’s helped with my confidence, and I’d like to do more.”