Lockdown thoughts

-Written By a Young Person at Wish

My feet step, one in front of the other, as it feels like I’m living in a dreamland.

Everything moved so quickly, first some year groups were leaving, then school was done and exams cancelled and then lockdown started.

It’s hard to process such a fast moving situation as there is new updates almost daily.

In a time of such uncertainty it’s important to take time for yourself. Although you may have days where it’s hard to get yourself up and motivated don’t discredit the victories, no matter how big or small.

One thing I’ve really found to help is walking. Feeling the sun on my face and being somewhere that’s not just in my room has been so vital in keeping me going.

Sometimes I call a friend while I walk or put on my favourite playlist – I’ve really been enjoying the ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ soundtrack lately.

Walking is a reminder that whilst everything else feels surreal I’m okay, and there’s going to be a time when everything goes back to normal.

It reinforces that there’s people around to listen and to chat – some of the most important conversations are a complete distraction to what’s going on in the world right now.