My Half Term at Wish

During February half term at wish, we launched our new self harm support group for 13-15 year olds. We kicked off the group by running a week of exciting workshops all about creativity and expression. One young person tells us all about the week and her experience:

My Half Term at Wish- Rebecca aged 14

Day 1- Games

Today I was starting wish group, I’d not met anyone yet besides Annie so I felt nervous about joining in. I don’t do well with meeting new people. After we’d done our introductions I felt comfortable. Annie made me cry with laughter! Then we played a game called drawful where we had to draw pictures. It was funny.

I felt good at the end of the session because it was fun and I enjoyed myself.

Day 2- Spoken word

I was feeling like socialising in but I wasn’t sure about the workshop because it was poetry and I don’t like English, I don’t usually understand my teacher doesn’t like me. It wasn’t like any poetry session I done in school the way Desree the facilitator was so into it.

I soaked up her energy like a sponge and when I was writing I expressed my feelings and I didn’t feel judged by anyone! I found it easier to express because not everyone knew me properly like in school. I’m different at school I put on a face like I don’t care and it felt different I wish because I can be myself. It felt nice I don’t have to pretend. I can show how I’m truly feeling. It felt nice because people got to know me. And I got to know their emotions too.

Day 3 – Art

Today I felt tired, I didn’t want to get up or join in so I watched some videos and it helped me be motivated to get dressed. Annie sent me a text and it reminded me to join in.

In art we had to find a quote and draw something from it my quote is from teen Wolf which is my favourite TV show. I chose to draw an anchor which says “Be your own anchor” in teen Wolf he uses it to stay calm and I use the same when I get angry or upset and I need to distract myself.

I also chose to draw a dagger which was about when I had self harmed and I felt scared because I’d cut too deep. I self harmed when I felt overwhelmed by everything with school work and coursework and I just wanted to run away. I found the art helped because I express my feelings and people didn’t have to know what it meant I wouldn’t normally choose to draw my usual self care is stroking my rabbit are going for a run but drying felt different I feel good and I would do it again.
(CW for image: blood)

Day 4 – Drama

I was feeling a bit down on this day because I found out because of Covid my Nan couldn’t come and see us but I was also feeling excited to see my uncle later on.

Today’s session was drama, I live with a drama king my 11-year-old brother loves drama but I don’t think I’d like his type of drama. The one we did with Synergy it was different it was so much better. I liked Emma B who did the drama she was funny we played games. Then we did gestures to express without words. I chose confusion, a stretch I like to relax with and stressed. We then worked in a group and we put our gestures to a song and I chose proud Mary my mum sings it all the time and I’m obsessed with people from the 80s and 90s.

On Friday I felt bored and upset because there was no activities with WISH they were the highlight of my half term.  Usually I spend every day in half term playing on my Xbox till late at night and WISH gave me something to look forward to and changed half term for me.

I was excited for next weeks session for WISH to see different people.

A poem about half term at wish:

Like a bird.

Annie’s plants.


Giving time to us.




Ready for next week.