These resources are available for download and print.

These are FREE to download but you can donate via the button above or choose The Wish Centre for fundraising in your school. Thankyou for your ongoing support.

  • Local Support Services in Harrow
    A page with local services for signposting.
  • The Wish Centre Offer Leaflet
    Our current offer at Wish including our referral and exclusion criteria.
  • Self Harm Do’s & Don’ts for Staff
    Some tips for staff, written by young people that have lived self harm experience. Featured in our 2019 Heads Up Conference Self Harm Training.
  • Self Harm Distractions
    A sheet with different Self Harm Distraction Ideas, either low cost or free for young people.
  • Safety Planning Worksheet
    A worksheet to use as a discussion prompt, to help a young person with Self Harm, Suicidal Ideation or with more general Mental Health Support.
  • Self Care Worksheet
    A worksheet around self care, with some ideas and then a space for young people to think of their own self care routine.
  • Goal Setting Worksheet
    A worksheet around setting realistic goals and working towards them.
  • Courage & Anxiety Worksheet
    A worksheet & Exercise to help with courage and anxiety.
  • Taking Care of Myself Worksheet
    A worksheet to help young people think about their needs for healthy emotional & physical wellbeing.