Why I enjoy being a Trustee

I choose to become a trustee as I had been helped by the wïsh centre and wanted to give back to the charity. Being a trustee has been a great opportunity to learn lots of new skills and have a better understanding of how the charity functions. Part of being a trustee involves understanding safeguarding, finance and the running of the charity. I previously had very little experiences on understanding theses matter but through the training provided, I have learnt how to understand the different risks for a charity. I have enjoyed being part of a trustee board, as each individual bring their own skills and background. We work together as a board and use each person strengths to help the charity. Personally, I felt passionate about supporting young people’s mental health and understood the importance the wïsh centre. As a trustee this has provided the chance to support the charity and give a young person’s perspective on what young people can benefit from the charity. I believe the outcomes of the wïsh centre show the incredible impact they have on the community and being a trustee is a lovely opportunity to give back to the wïsh centre that has had a positive impact on many young people’s lives. In the role of trustee, I have been part of the marketing and communication subgroup which has allowed me to pursue my interests of the social media side of the wïsh centre promotion and look at developing the website. Also, attending board meeting allows all the trustee to review how the charity is getting on and implement plan before the next meeting. I enjoy the opportunity to engage with the charity whilst being a trustee, which makes me feel that what we do as a trustees make an impact. 

I am the incoming Chair to the Trustee Board at the wïsh centre. I have been a Trustee at wïsh centre since October 2022 and have found the role to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Since October I have been the Marketing & Communications lead. In this role, I have been involved in improving Wish’s social media presence and collaborating with the team to revamp the website. I have provided ad hoc support to Wish staff when required For example, I have sat on a job interview Panel for a Marketing & Project Officer role. Being a Trustee has allowed me to apply my skills from my day job in helping to guide the wïsh centre and implement its strategy for supporting young people in Harrow.
Being involved with the wïsh centre has shown me the challenges a small charity faces, particularly with the increase in demand for its support services. The knowledge and skills that I and the other Trustees bring to the wïsh centre are diverse and allows us to approach these challenges dynamically.
I know many young people who are talented and care about making the world a better place. Finding a charity whose values you share and supporting them as a Trustee is an excellent opportunity to do something good for your community while developing expertise and skills that can benefit you. I would highly encourage young people to consider Trustee roles.