Youth Pride at Wïsh

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1 in 2 LGBTQ+ young people have Self Harmed. Safe spaces for young LGBTQ+ people to be supported and listened to are an essential. Over the years at Wïsh we have done a lot of work to making sure our centre is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ young people, including working alongside partner charities such as Mosaic, and working closely with LGBTQ+ volunteers and staff.

Young Person – “At Wïsh, no one’s treated any differently to anyone else regardless of gender/sexuality. In group we created ground rules to make sure young people don’t experience discrimination from peers.”

The online world is another great way for young people to access LGBTQ+ information, news and events safely and to feel included whilst exploring their own identity. For a long time social media has been a great way of communicating and networking for LGBTQ+ people but this year it was an essential for celebrating Pride safely.

The young people at Wïsh planned their very first digital youth pride! Activities included: Flag Making, a Pride Makeup Tutorial, an LGBTQ+ History Quiz & a Pride Playlist. What our young people had to say:

“I am feeling proud and beginning to accept my sexuality more.”

 “I love pride it’s fun and you meet really nice people that do not judge you and people that are like you.”

 “I going to try and educate more people in person and be an active Ally.”

 “I have enjoyed today I have learnt a lot about pride and I’m going to keep educating myself.”

” I’m going to do more to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community.”

At Wïsh, we will continue to support ALL young people and to make every day Pride.