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Self Harm Awareness Day – 1st March 2017

The Wright Stuff: Is Self-Harm Infectious?

Testimonial – Cassidy Age 18
I first came to the WISH centre at the age of 13. Around this period of my life, I was struggling with self-harm I was going through some really difficult times and was really struggling to find help for it. I was sinking deeper and deeper into a very dark place every day. I was getting worse and worse and I became suicidal and I was giving up. I became completely addicted to self-harming, i was cutting myself nearly every day and started to pull out my hair when things got really difficult. I suffer from anxiety and my panic attacks were crushing me and I was scared to get help. But I I knew I needed to get help.
I found the WISH Centre and decided to give it a go, I admit when I started I was very nervous and optimistic. But after the first couple of counselling sessions, I could already tell this stage in my life was not going to be forever. I got six months worth of one to one counselling which was incredible and helped me get through so much and I joined their girl’s group, this group was amazing. I went every week for a couple of years and met some of the most amazing people I’ve met, learned a lot and really grew as a person. Being able to discuss anything and everything with their full attention and zero judgement felt freeing and helped build my confidence, happiness and gave me coping methods I use in everyday life.
Since leaving the weekly group I am still not without help, their monthly group for older girls which I attend is just as incredible and I still have everyone on social media meaning I am never more than a message away from asking for help again, whether it’s a phone call I need, message, or meeting. We are all here for each other. The WISH centre saved my life, and so many more, they are truly amazing.

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