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The rate of self harm among young children in the UK has doubled over the last six years.

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The wïsh centre provides a range of training for professionals and frontline workers in the fields of mental health, social care, education, charities and community groups who support young people who self harm and their families.

Our training packages have been developed over a decade of supporting young people to stop self harming. We train social workers, therapists and counsellors, school staff and multi agency professionals.

Who are we? i

The wïsh centre is a London based charity that prevents self harm, abuse and exploitation of children and young people. We  provide open ended therapy and counselling in schools and at our Centre, plus peer support groups, out of hours help, and advice and training. The wïsh centre is a free service for young people aged 10-25 years who live or go to school in the London Borough Harrow.

An evaluation by Government think tank Centre for Mental Health evidences that of the young people the wïsh centre supports 90% had either reduced self-harming significantly or stopped all together.

I feel safe

The wïsh centre prevents self harm, suicide and child sexual exploitation so that children and young people are safe from serious harm from themselves and others.

Aisha is leading a normal life again now thanks to the wïsh centre.

Aisha’s story

How we help

wïsh was the only time I thought I could have a future without self-harm – like I realised I could take back

It doesn’t look as bleak as it used to, a change in mood and through coming here – I have learned not to let a setback keep me down

Before I would just avoid talking to new people. I would just stand there, head down, say nothing. Now it’s easier to socialise and to be myself – Now I am less worried about people’s judgment of me

Confidence about my scars – before I used to hide it and stuff. But now I don’t really care – if someone’s looking at me I just look back at them

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