Remote Therapy Considerations Part 2

– Written by Gary, Lead Psychotherapist The next update to our blog with regards to Remote Sessions is the consideration of Technology. Technology: As discussed last time firstly you need to agree on a safe and appropriate location. Once this has been established you can move onto which technology you will use to conduct the… Read more »

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Remote Therapy Considerations Part 1

– Written by Gary, Lead Psychotherapist At wïsh we moved quickly to transfer our therapeutic services over to a digital service in order to ensure there was minimal disruption for the young people we support. For those reading with less experience of working remotely there are some important considerations to think through that don’t always… Read more »

An Update from Annie at Wïsh

– Written by Annie, Youth Support and Participation Worker Hi to those reading, I hope you are safe and well during this uncertain time. At wïsh, we have been working really hard as a team to transform what we do quickly and safely into a digital service. Almost overnight we had all moved into our… Read more »