Black History Month: The Impact of Events in 2020 on Black Mental Health

Black history month is celebrated in the UK every October and challenges racism by educating people on Black historical figures and their contributions that have been neglected. Learning about Black history is as important as ever in 2020 with horrific incidents of police brutality exposing institutionalised racism deep rooted in the U.S and UK. The… Read more »

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Back to “Normality”?

As young people all over the country head back to school, we reflect on what the new “normal” looks like for us. At Wish we have been supporting young people through this transition, and will keep on doing so whilst keeping our service COVID-19 safe. Exploring new venues, masks & sanitiser, outdoor distanced sessions, how… Read more »

Youth Pride at Wïsh

1 in 2 LGBTQ+ young people have Self Harmed. Safe spaces for young LGBTQ+ people to be supported and listened to are an essential. Over the years at Wïsh we have done a lot of work to making sure our centre is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ young people, including working alongside partner charities… Read more »

In My Write Mind

Wish collaborated with partner organisation, Synergy Theatre to run a spoken word project. The young people worked with an Actress and a Poet for 6 sessions, learning new writing skills and sharing, increasing their confidence in performing. It was a really fantastic way for the young people to express what’s going on for them, to… Read more »

Lockdown Diaries

– Written by our Youth Volunteers for BBC Children in Need. Tara, Age 18 Everything felt a little foggy when I woke up this morning; I hadn’t really slept very well last night. Usually I push myself to get up and exercise straight away, it gives me motivation to get dressed and on with my… Read more »

Lockdown & Friendships

-Written by Young Person at Wïsh. I miss her hugs, obviously there’s other qualities too but there’s just something about a hug that makes everything seem better. Many people have found themselves in a place where they only have access to video call and other social media platforms, and it’s difficult. It’s so hard not… Read more »

Mental Health Awareness Week #kindnessmatters

This year for Mental Health Awareness week (18th-24th May), the theme is Kindness Matters. Kindness always matters, but in these trying times feels more important than ever. How does kindness impact our mental health? When we give kindness to others it can increase our self esteem, self worth and confidence. When we receive kindness it… Read more »


Lockdown thoughts

-Written By a Young Person at Wish My feet step, one in front of the other, as it feels like I’m living in a dreamland. Everything moved so quickly, first some year groups were leaving, then school was done and exams cancelled and then lockdown started. It’s hard to process such a fast moving situation… Read more »

Self Harm Awareness with Amber Magazine

Amber Magazine is an independent magazine ran by a young woman named Amber Schormans. ‘The magazine is produced by one woman with the mind-set that all readers can relate and it is a ‘beauty’ retouching free space. Women of all shapes, colours and looks simply embracing their natural selves. As well as all things that… Read more »